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WhatsApp Logo Telegram Logo Since the 1970s we have been exporting Premium quality Indian granites to importers and wholesalers worlwide. Most granites are sourced from our own quarries or from well-established independent quarriers who we know and trust.

Granite Producer

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Our production facilities are very extensive and include:

   • Pre-Fabricated Worktops
   • Calibrated, Bevelled & Dimensioned Tiles
   • Project Dimensioned Slabs
   • Gangsaw Slabs
   • Cutter Slabs
   • Memorials & Monuments
   • Paving, Cobbles & Setts
   • Public Spaces
   • Multiple Own Quarries

All quarries are either owned by ourselves or leased directly from the Government and are staffed by our own skilled personnel including highly-qualified geologists who are used to working to the exacting international standards expected by our customers from many different countries.

Both factory and quarry inspection visits by existing and potential new customers is always welcomed however it is always advisable to Contact Us in advance to ensure staff are available to accompany you. Whilst visiting is possible all-year round it is recommended that during the monsoon season (June to September) visits should be kept to a minimum since it can create logisitical problems getting to the quarries, however factory visits, about one hour from Chennai, are not usually compromised.

Indian Granite Production

Granite Quarry

Black Galaxy Granite Quarry

This is the Original Black Galaxy granite quarry, known as Star Galaxy, located near Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, first opened in the very early 1980s. Different types of rough blocks are available including Premium gang sawn for large random slabs plus smaller Premium blocks for granite tiles. Commercial quality blocks are sometimes produced and can be selected when available.

Granite Inspection

Black Galaxy Granite Inspection

It is very important to note that Black Galaxy granites all vary in background colour & veining from quarry to quarry & there are 50 active quarries. For large projects it is essential that all slabs are selected from the same quarry face to ensure matching. All slabs & tiles produced & exported by ourselves can be subjected to an independent testing company if desired.

Edge Profiles

Worktop Profiles Image

Our standard edge finish is with a square (straight edge) profile with an eased (pencil) bevel on both the top and bottom surfaces. We can process most popular profiles such as half bull nose, full bull, half ogee, half bevel, double bevel, knife edge etc. Laminated edges providing a 2+2cm edge are popular in several countries providing that "chunkY" look some prefer.

Crated Worktops

Crated Granite Image

Along with all our products there is absolutely no point in spending our time & effort producing our exceptional worktops if we don't pack & crate them well! Protective sheeting is placed between slabs inside strong wooden crates which are banded securely with metal strips. Depending upon the slab sizes these crates weigh between 1-2 tonnes each.

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