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Large Premium Galaxy Slabs Available Immediately Email For Pricing

For new granite colours try our Indian granite marketplace site.

Full Container Loads (FCLs) of prefabricated granite worktops in most Indian granite colours.

For Indian granite memorials please visit our dedicated website here.

Image Of Absolute Black Granite Island, Oven And Kitchen Dresser Image Of Absolute Black Granite Kitchen Dresser And Oven Image Of Absolute Black Granite Worktop With Grooved Drainer Image Of Absolute Black Granite Worktops, Island And Splashbacks

Are you seeking black granite? We have several selections available from our own quarries in India, these are all premium quality products and only vary with the closeness of their grains. Basically the smaller and tighter the grains the darker the background colour. It must be stressed that not all black granites are the same with some producers actually dyeing their granite to give it an even deeper colour.

This is very bad practice since the dye will come off and can leave the granite looking very patchy and it is almost an impossible task to repolish it in situ. To test if a granite has been dyed simply drizzle some lemon juice onto the slab, leave for a few minutes and then wipe clean. Is the polished slightly duller? If so the stone has been dyed, if not you should be ok however to be extra sure always use trivets and always mop-up any spillages and especially so if they are fruits/juices and domestic cleaners or even fizzy drinks.

Facts to consider about your Absolute Black Granite worktops purchase.

Learn more about Black Galaxy granite prefabricated countertops/worktops.

Two inspection videos at our Indian factory of Absolute Black & Black Galaxy granite slabs.

Image Of Granite Worktops Image Of Granite Worktops Image Of Granite Worktops Image Of Granite Worktops

For those seeking wholesale granite memorials we have a dedicated website and also one for those requiring Indian rough granite blocks. On our Contact page we provide our own details as well as links to known natural stone directories including wholesale and retail suppliers in several countries.

Our most popular granite products are random slabs, dimensioned slabs, tiles, countertops & worktops, paving and memorials and most are available with polished, honed, leather, river-wash, flamed and brushed surface finishes. Some factories can produce several of these items whereas others may specialise solely on specific products or their own quarry material production.

Granite Quarry Image Granite Quarry Image Granite Quarry Image Granite Quarry Image

In the quarry images above you can see some popular colours, click on the image to view larger. The quarries are, from left to right: Black Galaxy Granite, India | Bros Blue Granite, India | Verde Bitterfontein Granite, South Africa | African Red Granite, South Africa.

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Availability Of Indian Granites

All granites from Tamil Nadu State have been in very short supply owing to their quarry closures by the State Government following a huge Granite Scam in 2012.

Since January 2015 some granites have begun to reappear but it is not known when full quarrying may recommence however some of the granites affected were Kashmir White and Gold, Madurai Gold, all Shivakashis, Ivory Chiffon, Ivory Brown, Raw Silk Pink and Ivory, Lady Dream, Vyara Gold, Vyara Juparana and Ghibli, thankfully we do have a limited availability of some therefore please check this site for traditional and new colours.

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